Saturday, April 23

Most Important Post EVER!

I bought a chocolate bar for breakfast the other day, Snickers to be exact, and it had an interetsing claim on the wrapper. Biggest Ever! I think it was 102 grams, about twice the size of a normal snickers... that's big. I couldn't help but feel important eating that chocolate bar and can now tell people that I ate the biggest ever chocolate bar, and they didn't.

So there!

I've been seeing a lot of this type of marketing lately, so much so that it's beginning to become ineffective. Last week, I watched the most exciting episode of The Amazing Race, ate the biggest ever Snickers bar and witnessed the Most Shocking Twist ever on Survivor.... and boy are my arms tired...

I probably wouldn't have noticed the farce as much if it weren't for the Joe Schmo Show, a completely fake reality show, using those terms each and every show. Most Shocking Twist ever! most Thrilling elimiation ever! You Can't Miss the Best Episode Ever!!!11!!!

I should feel tired out, watching the best of the best all week long every week, but alas, it's not much different than any other week. I've been suckered by the Hottest New Marketing Sensation! Hooah!

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